Skip The Middleman When Buying Your Next Timepiece

Reduced pricing is not the only benefit of purchasing your next timepiece from a wholesale shop. There are many reasons buying wholesale is the new trend for nearly all high-end investments from cars and clothing to handbags and jewelry. Top brands no longer have to be so far out of reach. These days, your dollar can go farther by skipping the middleman with confidence knowing your luxury timepiece is exactly what you ordered.

Why we Love the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona - The Driver's Watch

Originally developed for race car drivers and NASA, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is one of our favorite watches of all time, and we are not the only fans by a long shot! This watch has been seen on the wrists of A-list celebrities for good reason. Learn about the rich history, innovation, and more in this article.

Functional Problems May Mean Big Repairs

We have all been there. Your favorite watch suddenly stops working properly. Maybe it is your grandfather's watch or that one you bought on your honeymoon in Switzerland. Perhaps, it is a watch you gifted yourself or a loved one gave to you for a special occasion. Regardless of why it is your favorite, this watch serves a purpose, one you have become accustomed to counting on. Now, you cannot trust the accuracy of the information it provides or it has ceased to work altogether. Before you ignore the warning signs or purchase another, read on about which functional problems are more costly and how to find the right repair shop for the job.

Legendary Watch Brands that Adorn the Wrists of the Famous 

From rap songs to the red carpet and even royal castles, the famous enjoy sharing their favorite luxury watches with the world. Most of us dream of owning a time piece from any one of the top brands. But, if that dream becomes a reality, which one would you pick? Would you choose to purchase a Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, or perhaps arguably the most well-known of all high end watch makers, Rolex? Maybe the celebs can help you decide. Let's check out the luxury brands that have caught Hollywood's eye and those that have gone beyond the cameras to receive the lyrical spotlight.