5 Fashion Trends to Consider when Wearing Your Watch  

Most people follow the trends for everything in fashion from dress clothes to bathing suits. When it comes to accessories, we know to look to the top luxury brand styles for safe bets on solid choice purchases. Then, we cannot wait to start looking at how that blouse, pants or handbag we just bought looks when paired with other articles of clothing in our closet at home for that perfect combination of stylish yet approachable. However, we rarely think much about the best ways to display our watches, which can be as much of an investment as a car or even a house! What exactly are the fashion rules for wearing a watch these days you ask? While some may think there are no real standards anymore for sporting your favorite timepiece, others would strongly disagree. 

Are Luxury Watches Worth the Expense?

You see men and women alike wearing these time pieces that can cost the same as buying a car or even a house! In fact, the luxury watch industry produces a whopping $47.8 million in revenue with all signs pointing toward growth in the future. With such a market for these expensive pieces of jewelry decade-after-decade, there must be a reason why people desire to make an investment in their watches in the same way they would with an engagement ring, car or other large purchase. There has to be more to these high-end watches than meets the eye to warrant such a cost. Here, we will aim to pull back the veil to see what separates brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Blancpain from the rest to let you decide if a luxury timepiece is worthy of its price tag and reputation.

5 Watches that have Stood the Test of Time

There are many beloved watch manufacturers on the market today. With all those hundreds of tiny quality-crafted components, people often spend years or even decades saving for that perfect time piece that best captures their personalities and fashion interests. But, much like cars or handbags, there are some brands that will never go out of style! These five are time-tested fan favs in the fashion industry.

What Your Luxury Watch Says about You

Anyone wearing a smartwatch will tell you it helps them keep up with texts, heart rate concerns, and calories burned. It is clear why people choose to wear a smartwatch. We automatically understand being accessible and staying in-the-loop is important to them just by seeing the smartwatch on their wrists. However, for those sporting a luxury watch, what does it say about the owner?