5 Fashion Trends to Consider when Wearing Your Watch  

Most people follow the trends for everything in fashion from dress clothes to bathing suits. When it comes to accessories, we know to look to the top luxury brand styles for safe bets on solid choice purchases. Then, we cannot wait to start looking at how that blouse, pants or handbag we just bought looks when paired with other articles of clothing in our closet at home for that perfect combination of stylish yet approachable. However, we rarely think much about the best ways to display our watches, which can be as much of an investment as a car or even a house! What exactly are the fashion rules for wearing a watch these days you ask? While some may think there are no real standards anymore for sporting your favorite timepiece, others would strongly disagree. 

Man wearing a dark luxury watch with a dark bed bracelet on left hand while driving.Left Or Right Wrist?
The answer to this question proves age-old traditions can still be applicable today. Until recent years, it was considered more useful to wear your watch on the non-dominant wrist. Primarily, this rule was created so that you could use the dominant hand to adjust your watch dials as the watch dials were set on the right side of the watch. Since the majority of people are right-handed, the left wrist became the most popular wrist and the dials were set on the right side of the timepiece. Also, wearing your watch on your non-dominate wrist protects your watch from knocking against various objects while you perform your daily tasks with your dominant hand. 

That said, for the left-handed individuals out there, you may want to consider using the right wrist for your watch or buying a watch made specifically for left-hand dominance. Again, keep in mind you will likely incur more damage by wearing it on your dominant hand throughout the day. Ultimately though, these rules bear no real meaning anymore in terms of fashion and are more a matter of personal preference. This is especially true with the transparent protective shields on the market coupled with a little extra attention paid to preventing your watch from being hit in the first place. 

Outfit Coordination 
Choosing the wrist on which to place your watch is only the beginning of getting dressed. If you have multiple watches or a choice of bands, there is much more to consider before stepping out. In other words, just as you consider which shoes or handbag goes best with your outfit, your watch face, style, and band should also match your overall look and activity. For instance, you would not wear a sport or dive watch for a business meeting or dinner. Likewise, a luxury watch worn to play in a tennis tournament or basketball game would appear equally inappropriate.

Where your agenda includes a trip to the office, hanging out at the tavern with friends or seeing a movie at the theatre, you may want to plan your watch's band and face color to coordinate with your shoes, coat, and other clothing articles or accessories. This pairing is perhaps just as important in the fashion industry as wearing the correct watch for the specific activity. If your goal is to look on point with trends, you should take the time to find out which watch or watchband, if swappable, works best with both the overall outfit. 

Dark Vs. Light
Along that line of thought, it is worth noting that a lighter face on a watch looks better with a lighter time of day and outfit than a darker face. In the evening, a darker face is typically expected from a fashion standpoint. Of course, some rules are made to be broken as mentioned above with the choice of wrist to wear the watch. A great example of this is wearing a white dress or suit to a formal evening event. Here, a bright white face on your watch with a lighter colored metal band may be best. 

Adding More Bling
Now that you have an idea of which watch face and band to wear on your selected wrist, it is a good idea to consider the other pieces of jewelry you plan to pair with your watch. Many people enjoy the look of wearing a bracelet with a watch and stacking rings on the hand below the watch. If you like the idea of calling extra attention to your watch wrist with more jewelry, try pairing the watch with a similar style of bracelet and rings so as not to clash. Also, loads of diamonds, particularly fake jewels, and extra oversized flashy faces may not be viewed as appropriate with most settings and outfits. If you own a fabulous luxury watch encrusted with diamonds, you might consider waiting for special occasions to display your show-stopping watch. 

Sleeves And Cuffs
You own a gorgeous high-end watch. Why not show it off? Rolling up your sleeves or wearing your watch on a bare arm is a subtle way to let others check out your stylish timepiece. The exception here would be attending a formal event where your cuff should be wide enough for your watch to easily slide underneath.

All in all, these rules are like most in that they are primarily applicable and useful yet made to be broken in specific circumstances. Fashion rules are broken all the time, and your comfort and confidence levels are more critical in the end than any other trending factor. Following the rules or not following them is all about personal preference and your own sense of style. If you want to wear your watch on your right hand or if you like a lot of diamonds to be on display when having lunch with friends, go for it! 


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