7 Reasons to Trust Our In House Watch Repair Shop Services

You want the best watch repair and maintenance care services available for your timepiece, but how do you know who to trust? We understand your concerns because we have been in the watch repair industry for generations and we have seen the results of poorly serviced heirlooms. That's why we made this list of the top reasons you can trust our staff at Wrist Watch Fix to provide the optimum care and attention available. Find out what truly sets us apart from the competition.

A watchmaker looking through special glasses at the watch to repair it.ALL Services Performed In-House
You know how some people try to sell you on an "in-house" concept only to find out that applies to just a few of their most basic services? Then, you hear your watch has to be sent out to an unknown party for the remainder of the care it needs for a considerable added fee that could cost you hundreds of dollars more! That won't happen at Wrist Watch Fix. We never send your items out to a third party for repairs because our team members have been trained on the best practices for all your watch services. This means what you are quoted is what you will pay. Additionally, our Swiss-trained watchmaker is certified by the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute (AWCI). This certification is only given to those who successfully complete a timed three and 1/2 day test covering all potential repairs of quartz, automatic, and chronograph watches. Therefore, there is no need for third-party repair. Plus, our technicians simply love what we do! Our passion makes us committed to ongoing educational opportunities on the latest industry advances that we apply to our craft along with treating your watch as if it's one of our own.

Expert Staff Handles Your Device 
Speaking of our knowledgeable team, your watch will be handled by qualified professionals from the time it arrives at our shop until the time we send it back to you. No sales associates or unskilled assemblers will be involved with your timepiece. Your watch will be received, repaired, cleaned and polished, assembled, and sent back to you by people who know how to properly care for your watch. Also, our watchmaker will perform all repairs to give you peace of mind knowing your watch is receiving a luxury level of care.

A Multigeneration Family Business
Why are we such fans of the watchmaking industry? Simply put. It's in our blood. Wrist Watch Fix is a family-run business that has been in our family for decades and we would not have it any other way. We take pride in learning from our master watchmaker's craftsmanship and understanding that few people possess, and we are grateful to pass the results of this level of dedication to our customers.

Experience Matters
You may be wondering if experience counts when it comes to watch repair. Above, we mentioned by taking your watch to your average jeweler often results in you having to pay costly third-party fees. But, that is not the only reason our experience matters to our customers. You would not take your car to a brand new auto mechanic when you know for the same price or less you could have a seasoned professional provide start to finish care instead. Why would you take your investment timepiece to a jewelry store that sells jewelry and can only perform basic care services when over 30 years of watch repair experience is at your service at Wrist Watch Fix?

5 Star Customer Service
Yet another difference you will find at Wrist Watch Fix is the ability to speak with the experts directly. Have your questions answered by the very same skilled professionals who are working with your watch instead of a customer service department reading notes from the technicians. When there is an issue with your item, you can find out about it from the expert handling your timepiece.

Better Long-term Value
For investors, collectors, and those who would like to hand their timepiece down to the next generation, there is no better long-term value than using a skilled professional to handle all your maintenance and repairs in-house. Too many watches are mishandled or not restored properly reducing the lifespan of the device or resulting in more services that would not have been necessary with quality maintenance care. Get the highest level of service for less time and money by sending your timepiece to Wrist Watch Fix for maintenance and repairs where you can trust your watch will be restored each time to the closest it can be to "brand new" quality leaving you more years of precision and accurate functionality.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new watch restoration or repair shop for your timepiece, our team unlike any other. Once you experience the difference in care and professional handling of your timepiece in-house by our experienced team, we know you'll be back for all your maintenance and repairs! Your watch like your car requires maintenance and occasional repairs. Give it the best care available. Trust the professionals at Wrist Watch Fix.

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