The Best OMEGA Entry Watches

If you have an interest in watches, the first brand you hear after Rolex is OMEGA. This brand has produced fan favs like the Speedmaster, Seamaster, and many different icons to the universe of watches. OMEGA has a model line that is ideal for any guy or girl. Furthermore, when it comes to value for the money, OMEGA is the perfect choice. Their watches regularly come in at half the price of other big Swiss brands for practically identical specialized functions. The only question is which of these models is the best OMEGA for you?

A Guide to Watch Repair and Watch Servicing

Everything that no longer works properly we tend to throw away. This is the hard truth of the expendable society we have become. Fortunately, when it comes to watches, regular quick maintenance services or repairs that often cost far less than replacement expenses can have your watch restored in less time than it takes to shop around for another model!

What to Do if Your Luxury Watch Gets Water in It

It's a question that has tormented many of us. What do you do when water gets into your watch? Let's be honest. Taking great consideration of your watch isn't the easiest.

7 Reasons to Trust Our In House Watch Repair Shop Services

You want the best watch repair and maintenance care services available for your timepiece, but how do you know who to trust? We understand your concerns because we have been in the watch repair industry for generations and we have seen the results of poorly serviced heirlooms. That's why we made this list of the top reasons you can trust our staff at Wrist Watch Fix to provide the optimum care and attention available. Find out what truly sets us apart from the competition.