How To Find A Decent Watch Repair Shop

Owning a watch — or better, owning a few watches — is always a sound investment. They are steady friends that can go with you anywhere, they can make for ice-breaker discussion pieces, they compliment any outfit, and they fill a purpose as a helpful device. That said, by the day's end, watches are intricate and delicate machines. They require regular support and care, and when one begins to show signs of malfunctioning, it will require a professional for repair. For those times, you'll need to find a decent watch repair shop you can trust.

Watch being repairedFinding a decent watch repair shop can be an overwhelming task. if your watch is was purchased for thousands of dollars, you would likely prefer not to simply let anybody begin fiddling with it while realizing that they could end up accomplishing more damage. If your watch isn't worth a lot fiscally, it may carry a sentimental value and you'll want to find a watch repair shop that will treat it with as much consideration and regard as you do.

When You Need A Watch Repair Shop

  1. Regular Maintenance

    As stated above, watches are machines. This is particularly true for mechanical watches. Whether it's a basic time-only manual wind watch, a programmed chronograph, or an interminable schedule Tourbillion by Audemars Piguet®, all mechanical watches require routine maintenance to work appropriately. Routine maintenance requires totally dismantling and cleaning the watch's movement, supplanting any ragged or harmed parts, lubricating and directing the movement, testing water-proof, and ensuring everything's working as expected. It's a difficult task unless you're a skilled Swiss-trained watchmaker, and one that you should not endeavor to do alone.

  2. Timekeeping Issues

    Even when you're getting your watch overhauled at normal intervals, issues can still emerge related to timekeeping. Perhaps your watch is running too fast or a little behind or its force reserve isn't enduring nearly as long as it should. Possibly the hands are acting oddly, or your chronograph isn't resetting to zero. These demonstrate that there's a major issue with the movement and a watchmaker must open the watch up and investigate to figure out what the issue is.

  3. Something Breaks

    Another clear reason you would require a watch repair shop is when something breaks on your watch. A crushed precious stone, hands coming off, a messed up crown, or something shaking around inside the watch are largely obvious indicators that an excursion to the repair shop is in your immediate future. 

How to Find A Repair Shop

  • Check Your Warranty

    When your watch is having issues and it is still fairly new, don't make a beeline for a repair shop just yet. Start by confirming your warranty to see whether you are eligible for a free fix. Numerous watchmakers offer at least a two-year guarantee against defects in the movement. Additionally, respectable retailers will regularly offer comparable warranties. So always check with the manufacturer and where you bought the watch before searching out a repair shop. By taking this extra step, you may find you can skip the repair fee altogether.

  • Go To The Source

    If you are out of warranty, you can check to see if your manufacturer provides repairs. The greater part of the large Swiss brands will offer a repair service on their watches (Note: some won't support certain vintage models). But, be ready to pay for it! Similar to taking your vehicle to get fixed at a dealership over a mom-and-pop garage, having your watch overhauled by the manufacturer is more costly. The benefit is you can be assured you are going to receive the best care for your particular watch.

  • Check Reviews and Website Details

    If the manufacturer isn't a possibility for you or you would prefer to save some money, it's time to look for a decent watch repair shop you can trust. To do so, however, you must do some sleuthing. Check Google for the best watch repair shops in Florida and then see what Google reviews and other survey sites like Yelp have to say about them. But, don't stop there! Some reviews could be swayed for one reason or another. Therefore, once you have found a few watch repair shops to check out, visit their websites and get to know more about them and their watch repair credentials. For example, have they been properly trained to work on Swiss timepieces and, more to the point, your make and model? Do they perform the work in-house or do they send your watch to someone you don't know for the repair?
  • Look for Their Credentials

    Lastly, make sure that your repair shop has some kind of authentic accreditation. CW21 and WOSTEP certificates are both acceptable indications of quality work.

Three Generations of Watchmakers 
At Wrist Watch Fix, we are proud to offer our customers the experience of three generations of skilled watchmaking specialists. All repairs are performed in-house by a certified professional, and each repair or restoration service comes with a one-year guarantee on our work plus a cleaning and polish service. Contact us today by completing our online form to ask about your watch concerns and find out how easy and affordable it is to work with the watch repair experts at Wrist Watch Fix.


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