4 Reasons to Buy a Mechanical Wristwatch

Today, the easiest and most accurate way to tell the time is by simply looking at your phone, your computer, or any other digital device. So why is it that you should have a mechanical wristwatch? Read this interesting article provided by Millenary Watches.

Why should you buy a mechanical wristwatch?

Today, the easiest and most accurate way to tell the time is by simply looking at your phone, your computer, or any other digital device. So why is it that you should have a mechanical wristwatch?

You could say that wristwatches are outdated in our digital society, yet still, they are extremely popular today. Whilst back in the days, wristwatches were used as necessary tools to keep track of the time, today, people don’t use it because it is the only way to know the time anymore.

Let’s look closer at 4 reasons why you should buy a mechanical wristwatch.

Appreciation for fine watchmaking

One of the main reasons why people wear fine mechanical wristwatches today is because they appreciate fine watchmaking and craftsmanship. They know that the mechanical wristwatch they wear consists of, usually, hundreds of tiny parts that together create an engine that powered the watch. They are complicated mechanisms that require precision and perfection in order to operate and tell the time properly.

Watchmaking is an art, and when you understand the work and development that goes into making and assembling one, you appreciate what you wear so much more.

The parts are often assembled by hand, and in particular, more advanced mechanical timepieces such as Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin may have demanded hundreds of man-hours for the manufacturing process.

Tribute to the history and past

Mechanical wristwatches are a tribute to thousand-year-old craftsmanship and watchmaking history, and they work as a reminder to an era where technology did not exist.

Essentially, mechanical timepieces are outdated technology. The art of watchmaking has existed for thousands of years, but the fact is that it will never beat digital technology in terms of accuracy and reliability. Still, a lot of people favor mechanical wristwatches and are willing to pay thousands of euros for one because they appreciate the design, craftsmanship, and history.
This brings us to the history part.

Fine mechanical wristwatches carry a history that makes mechanical wristwatches so much more appealing. In fact, it’s like wearing a piece of history on your wrist. This is one reason why vintage watches are such a huge industry.

Furthermore, many watch brands today carry a long history in the industry and use expertise and knowledge that they have developed over the course of their history. In fact, many mechanical wristwatches from old manufacturers carry design elements and traits that the brand has used for decades, yet still proves to be truly timeless.

We, humans, appreciate history and heritage, and digital timepieces can never replace that.

Fashion accessory

Back in the days, wristwatches were simply tools to help you tell the time. But today, as the wristwatch has less of an importance for telling the time, it has more and more become an accessory and a symbol of style that allows you to express your style and personality.

There are countless different styles on watches, and the wristwatch you choose allows you to express your personality as well as match with your daily outfit and clothing. A mechanical wristwatch can last for generations, and it is no longer simply an object to tell the time. It is something much more than that. It is a part of us that carries memories and can tell stories and be passed on through generations as an heirloom.

A fine mechanical wristwatch is not something that you just throw away. They can last for generations, and therefore, they get much greater importance to the owner than one could imagine. Over time, it doesn’t just become a wristwatch, it becomes a piece of your personality that have been by your side at some very important and impactful events in your life.


The problem with everything digital is that it becomes outdated and eventually breaks. This, of course, means that they are essentially worth zero when this happens. Mechanical wristwatches will never be ”outdated” in the sense that the technology doesn’t work. People collect timepieces which are tens and hundreds of years old, and these still remain relevant today. Many older watches have even become highly collectible and sought-after.

With that said, because a mechanical wristwatch can work for generations, they don’t become outdated, and therefore, they hold their value much better than any other digital watch.

This article has been written by Millenary Watches, an online retailer of luxury watches.


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