Why Men Love Their Luxury Watches

What is it about a luxury watch that makes a man drool? Is it sheer nostalgia? Doesn't he know there are far cheaper digital watches that can give him more information? Find out what it is about these extravagant purchases that continue to be at the top of men's wish lists year after year.

A man looking at watches in case in a retail store.Shares a Sentiment
Men are not generally known for feeling comfortable sharing outward expressions of their feelings with other men, such as fathers or sons. But, for those lucky enough to inherit their watches from past generations, there is an intimate bond created in the act of passing down such a gift. While reminiscing about the times when life was simpler may be a part of the appeal, it's easy to see how men can feel more connected with others in their family when they have been entrusted with such a cherished possession.   

Leaves Behind a Memory
To that note, each watch that is given to the next generation may invoke special memories of the previous owner wearing the watch to certain pivotal events that took place during the receiver's childhood. There could be photos of the watch being worn during a favorite family trip, graduation ceremony, wedding, or while laughing at a party during the holidays. Such memories can help the new wearer remember the good times and look forward to creating new memories that may pass along with the watch to the next generation. After all, despite all the advanced technology the world possesses, there are few things that can last decades without issue and those that can withstand the test of time are worthy of respect and appreciation.

Makes a Sound Investment
Financially, what appears to be an extravagant expense is in actuality a solid investment strategy, depending on the brand and model. Unlike cars, boats, and large appliances, high-end timepieces often increase in value with very little maintenance required. Also, one can't rely on always being able to take a car to every event in life. But, a watch may be worn almost anywhere making it one of the most enjoyable investment strategies available.

Plus, when it's time to sell, add to the collection, or "trade up", there are websites making the buying and selling process a breeze! With a little research on both the trustability of the site and the value of the watch itself, learning to invest in the watch market could potentially result in some serious spending cash. This may be especially true with widely known name brands like Rolex and other world-acclaimed manufacturers such as Audemars Piguet that produce a smaller number of timepieces each year. 

Serves as an Ice-Breaker
Another favorite reason guys love their watches is it provides them with a warm opening to network and meet new people. High-end watch enthusiasts enjoy spotting and chatting about these savvy investments. If, for instance, a guy recently saw a Patek Phillipe he considered buying before deciding on a Jaeger-LeCoultre, he would probably have a nice time telling the story to someone wearing a Patek Phillipe creation, could then lead to other conversations that could turn into closing a sale or acquiring in a new golfing buddy.  

Ads a Personal Touch
For some men, however, it's all about the bling. Think about all the rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, and purses the average woman collects. Besides a wedding ring for those who are married, clothing, and the occasional shoe that will eventually need to be tossed, a lot of men view watches as their way to express something personal about themselves. The brand, model, band style, face design, and watch condition all paint a picture about the wearer.

Gives Accurate Information
Then, there are the guys who are not interested in being told when to stand or how their heart rate fluctuates throughout the day. They look at their watches for very specific reasons and expect their luxury timepieces to perform those select tasks exceptionally well with precision and incredible accuracy. The satisfaction knowing there will never be a need for a cell tower, satellite, software update, or new watch replacement in two years because it slowed down and is no longer working without glitching is enough of a reason for them to spend the money it takes to avoid being in that situation. 

Thus, as you can see from the above, there are a myriad of reasons why men dream about owning their favorite watches. Authentic and classic, these luxury items are so much more than a mark of success. They are to men what bracelets, rings, and other pieces of jewelry are to women plus the perfect investment strategy and a way to build a connection with future and past generations. So, now you know what he truly wants for that special occasion, and, with the climbing appreciation rate as opposed to that pricey car he wants that will drop in value after driving it off the car lot, this is one guilty pleasure you can feel good about supporting.   


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