Tools We Commonly Use for Watch Repairs

We rely on specialized tools to help us handle the tiny, delicate interior parts of a watch and ensure that our work is flawless. Want to learn more about the tools of the trade? Keep reading.

How Fine Jewelers Refurbish Luxury Watches for Resale

A watch can be refurbished and restored to pristine condition, so it continues to offer beauty and functionality to the wearer (and future wearers) for years to come. But what, exactly, do watch repairers do to refurbish a luxury watch? Here’s a quick look at our process.

How Magnetism Can Impact Your Watch's Performance

Electronic devices like computers, smartphone, and tablets all generate a magnetic field; in general, the magnetic fields these devices generate are harmless and won’t impact anything around them. However, if you wear a classic wristwatch, it is possible for some of the inner mechanisms to become magnetized. Here’s what you need to know about how magnetism can impact your watch’s performance.