5 Ways Professional Movers have you Covered

Professional movers wrapping furnitureWhere moving was once an overwhelming process requiring lots of time and physical exertion, now you can enjoy this transitional time more by taking advantage of the many services available from professional moving companies. These companies have simplified the moving process and made it much more enjoyable by offering five different levels of service that provide peace-of-mind with the freedom to continue doing what you love without skipping a beat. From insurance to storage solutions, these professionals have your move covered!

Padded Blankets
While you may have a few soft cozy blankets around your home that could be used to wrap around some furniture pieces, the likelihood is you will need many more to prevent damage caused by stacking and shifting during transport. Luckily, you don't have to buy extra blankets. You can rent padded moving blankets directly from your professional moving company that protects your valuables more than your softer throws and bedding blankets. Plus, you can box up the blankets, throws, towels, and pillows you use to make your house more comfortable for everyone so that they will remain fresh and ready to use at the next home.

Pack It, Please
Packing your items often requires a large number of boxes and many hours out of your day. In fact, you may have to spend multiple days on painstakingly wrapping each fragile item individually. Of course, then there is the question of the types of boxes needed and the number of each style. What about the box padding materials? How much should you buy and do you need the large bubble wrap or the small? Do you have enough plate sleeves? Did you buy the right size and number of those funny shaped ones that fit your televisions and stemware? The packing process can be overwhelming when trying to prevent damage to your items.

You guessed it. There is an easy solution. You can use your professional moving company to pack and unpack some or all of your belongings for you. While you sit back and relax, these pros will bring the correct supplies to your home, wrap everything with care, add to the process the wisdom that comes from performing this task for a career, and unpack your labeled belongings as instructed in your new home. Need to go through a forgotten drawer before the items are packed? No problem. The number and type of items you want professionally packed and unpacked are up to you. 

Break it Down and Build it Up Again
Asking the pros to disassemble the items at your current home and reassemble the items at the new location is another way your movers can help make your move less stressful. Disassembling furniture for the move increases your risk of injury and can be difficult, especially when you are tackling this task alone. The cost of injury from disassembling furniture or carrying awkward or heavy boxes likely will far outweigh the expense of hiring professionals to complete such tasks for you. Just imagine your new home being completely set up for you with assembled furniture and unpacked boxes. All that is left is your personal touch on the home that only you can give, and you are ready to begin exploring all your next location has to offer.

Storage services
All of this sounds great for people moving from one home to another without any delay. However, there are some circumstances where storage solutions may be needed, such as closing on your current home before you are able to close or sign the lease on your next home. Before you rent a local storage unit or container, you may want to consider using your professional moving company's storage services. By utilizing only one company for all your moving needs, you minimize the opportunities for personal injury from being more involved in the process as well as damage to your belongings as the moving process is what these companies specialize in.

Insure your Belongings
Whether you hire a professional moving company for one or all of the aforementioned services, you can rest in the knowledge you have insurance should something unexpectedly go wrong during your moving process. There is always some potential for damage during a move, even when using the best care practices. This is especially true when moving long distances. However, with the insurance coverage offered by professional moving companies, you will be able to repair or replace any damaged items. When you consider the cost of replacing your couch, you may have already justified any additional pricing of using professional movers with their insurance coverage. 

Therefore, while you have many options for moving your belongings from one location to another, hiring a professional moving crew will streamline your process by reducing the amount of time you spend finding packing supplies, wrapping your valuables, disassembling furniture, reassembling furniture, and unpacking your items in your new home. Moreover, the pros will take on the risk of personal injury that could leave you unable to perform your daily tasks while incurring medical fees. From start to finish, your movers have you completely covered with these services plus any storage required and the insurance needed to feel good about your moving process to that next adventure that begins at your new unpacked and move-in ready home.