5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Moving Company Instead Of DIY

Moving Professionals With Heavy FurnitureTrying to move long distances on your own can be time-consuming, disorganized, stressful, and hazardous. For those lucky individuals with a large family or friends in both locations to help out, a DIY move may seem like a potential option to save money.  Here are some reasons why the cost of hiring professionals might be worth considering over trying to go it alone. 

  1. Time
    We have all heard the “time is money” expression, but it is, in fact, a true statement and a valid point. The more time you spend packing and labeling when you are moving, for example, the less time you have for working at the office or setting up your children’s after school activities at the new home. If you have one of those mothers who carefully wraps each Christmas ornament, piece of holiday china, and decoration individually for storage, then you probably already know about the time factor. Now, magnify that time cost by every item in your home! It sounds overwhelming just thinking about it, right?

    Of course, there may be those items like clothing that are not fragile and could be stacked in a box fairly quickly.  However, did you remember to take the time to label the box with the items in the box and the location to place the box when it arrives at the new home?  How about the list you will need for each box for your DIY move to make sure all your items are accounted for? Have you worked in time for packing and unpacking the truck? 

    Professionals know all the tricks to make your move as quick and seamless as possible so that life does not have to be put on hold while you try to pack the glasses and plates or find that box with your son’s soccer ball.  By hiring a professional service, all your items will be properly secured in labeled boxes with no stress or time wasted out of your day.

  2. The Damaged, The Broken, The Lost And The Forgotten
    Too often the items people cherish are left behind in moves or broken from mislabeling or improper handling or transporting technique. When you pack your great-grandmother’s vase, it is easy to forget where in the sea of boxes it is located. Meanwhile, your family arrives and time is short to pack up the truck you rented. You finally give up trying to direct every single box in an effort to speed up the process. This is typically how valuable items become damaged, broken or lost. Sometimes, those items are even left behind because DIY moving can be frantic and chaotic with a limited timeframe to use the rented truck and limited hours of daylight to complete the process.

    Long-distance moves already require you to leave behind so much. You have to bid farewell to your friends, church, community, trusted care professionals and even your favorite grocery store.  With professional movers, you will not have to also say goodbye to your great-grandmother’s vase. It will be correctly stored and labeled so you know exactly where it is when you find that perfect spot on the cabinet shelf in your new home.

  3. Finding Volunteer Help
    Even if you are able to find time and energy to pack up everything you own and label each box perfectly, how many people do you know in both locations who can help you with the larger furniture pieces or the sheer volume of boxes? We mentioned time as a factor with packing, but the unpacking takes a lot of time and sore muscles at this point too. Both the old house and the new house will need all hands on deck to make the process efficient.  Most people can manage to find volunteer family or friends at only one of the two locations. If you find yourself to fall into that category, perhaps it is time to ask for a professional moving team to assist you at least with unpacking the new home.

  4. Minimizing Health Risks
    But, there is perhaps a bigger concern with DIY long-distance moves than all of these potential issues combined. Pulled muscles and severe back pain can easily occur when lifting heavy objects. Some related injuries can result in missed days at work or family events. Even with the right technique and training, it is useful to have help from professional movers to avoid heavy lifting injuries from moving the objects alone.

    Beyond the muscle pulls, there can be debris removal health concerns in some cases. Mold spores, lead paint and large amounts of dust are some examples of the types of debris that can be harmful if not handled properly. At Professional Moving And Storage, we are trained to remove the debris with no risk to your family.

  5. The Hard-To-Find-The-Right-Box Items
    Yes, moving professionals even know how to pack that awkward-to-store birdhouse you got from Aunt Carol at your wedding last year that you hope will have a nice viewing place in the new yard. We can provide custom crating and vehicle shipping options as well.  When packing, moving, storing and unpacking is what you do for a living, dare we say we even start to get a little excited about the challenges? If you have something you want to bring with you to the new home or office and you are unsure about how to pack it, contact us to learn more about your options. Our clients often find they can take more with them than they originally thought.

While we certainly understand moving is a big expense and cutting costs where possible is important, we hope we have addressed some of the frequent issues we have seen with long-distance DIY moves.  Whether you need partial assistance or you decide to have your items seamlessly packed up, labeled, transported, stored and unpacked at your new home or office, contact us at Professional Moving and Storage to learn more about your moving and storage-related options. We appreciate being a part of our clients’ new ventures, and we look forward to hearing more about how we can help you as well.