5 Reasons Hiring Professional Movers Saves Money in a Long Distance Move

A young woman is at home putting money into a jarLooking to save money during your move across the country? Did you know hiring a professional moving company is one of the best cost-reducing tips you'll find? It may seem like outsourcing your entire move is more of a luxury and added cost than doing the bulk of the work yourself. In reality, hiring experts to take the lead on your move is actually cheaper, and here's why.

  1. Time is Money
    This may seem like an outdated cliche phrase, but sometimes the oldies still ring true. The average homeowner will spend a day per room packing up belongings, a day or two loading a large trailer or a couple of containers, four to six days driving across the country, a day or two unloading the trailer or containers, and a day per room unpacking at the new home. If you live in a three-bedroom home with a kitchen, family room, and den, then you would need approximately 18 days off work conservatively speaking to move across several states. Let's say four of those days you would have off already leaving you with 14 days left to take your time, effort, and attention away from your work.

    To see how hiring a professional moving team would save you money, attain a quote from your moving company for the full move from packing to unpacking your belongings and compare that amount to how much you would earn by working 14 days. Then, do the same comparison for hiring a moving company for just the transport portion of the move. Now, you have a good assessment of the value of your time at work versus your time spent on moving-related tasks.

  2. Injuries are Expensive!
    With your time value comparisons, it helps to add the potential time out of work and medical expenses from a moving-related injury like back or knee injuries from straining. Some pieces of furniture can be overly heavy for most people who do not have the training and assistance needed to safely lift and carry such items. Plus, certain boxes and items can be awkward to carry, despite being fairly lightweight. As a result, moving injuries are common, to say the least. On the other hand, your professional team of long-distance movers has received the proper training, tools, and daily expertise required to avoid many of the accidents those with less moving experience may encounter.

  3. Insurance has you Covered
    Another cost-saving factor to consider is the insurance you receive with hiring a moving company. When you move yourself or you hire some help for only the loading and unloading portion, you have to pay to replace any broken or damaged items out of your pocket. This includes damage that occurs during transport as well as during the packing and loading or unloading process. On the other hand, using a professional moving company means you will have insurance available to cover any items that were damaged while in the care of that company. You can determine the amount of savings the insurance will offer you in the event your belongings are damaged during the moving process by looking at purchase receipts or finding comparable items in retail stores. For example, a new mid-range sofa will cost you at least $1,000 should something sharp or heavy shift onto your current sofa during transport. 

  4. Fewer Broken Items 
    What's even better than the insurance that covers your belongings in the move? How about a team of experts packing your items with the proper materials and transporting them with experienced stacking and storage methods to reduce the risk of breakage in the first place? This savings tip alone could keep you from having to make large purchases at your next home in addition to greatly increasing the chances your irreplaceable great grandmother's tea set will make the transition unharmed.

  5. Save on Storage
    Time and money associated with the packing and transport process are not the only areas you can save money by using professional movers during your move across the country. If you are unsure of where to live in your new city, why not take advantage of the storage options your professional moving company offers while you decide? This way, you do not have to pay to move your belongings twice, once to a temporary lodging and a second time to your long-term home.

    This option also saves you money in the event your new home is not yet ready for moving in by the time you arrive. Newly constructed homes and renovations are often not completed by the negotiated date. With your professional moving company storing your belongings, you can take the time you need to make sure your home is safe and prepared for your family and furniture.

Thus, while there is no set value that can be placed on the lack of stress and added peace-of-mind that comes with hiring a professional moving team for your long distance move, the significant cost savings are easy to find. Not having to miss work for moving related activities or injuries, avoiding any medical bills from moving accidents, being covered by insurance in the event your belongings are damaged, and having the option of storing your items safely and securely while you wait for the right timing to move into your home are all measurable savings you can caluclate in advance of your move. If you are ready to receive a moving quote to discover how much you can save by hiring the experts, fill out our quick and easy online form or call us at (844) 914-6683 for your quote today!