5 Tips for Ensuring a Successful Long Distance Move

While it’s relatively easy to move to the other side of town, long-distance moves come with their unique challenges. Once you leave your old home, it’s almost impossible to run back for a forgotten item. And if your medication is on the moving van, it could be a while until you get it back. To prevent minor and major mishaps, it’s important to be prepared. Here we’ll offer five tips to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Get Insurance

Moving companies are required to insure your belongings. If they break something in the process, which is always a possibility, they will reimburse according to a predetermined valuation. However, if your items are particularly valuable, that compensation may not be enough. Similarly, if you don’t have the money to replace any of your furniture, it also makes sense to protect yourself with extra insurance.

The first step is to check with your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. It may be possible that your belongings are already covered. Otherwise, you can always get an additional rider just for the move. After all, your furniture is more likely to be dropped or damaged when it’s being handled than when it’s sitting in your living room – and while that risk may be small, even the best movers can have an accident.

Less Is More

When it comes to moving, less is really more. The fewer boxes and pieces of furniture you’re moving, the less time it will take to get it all done. While the moving van can certainly hold a few extra totes and boxes, it will take the movers longer to pack and unpack everything. And if you’re moving to a smaller space, you may even want to consider paring down your furniture to prevent it from looking too crowded.

Before you move to another city, it’s a great idea to go through all your belongings and reduce what you can. If you haven’t used an item for over a year, you may not need it at all. Purging some things will lighten the load during move, but it has other benefits as well. For example, you may feel relieved to have less stuff to care for, and you’ll have enough storage space for the things you really want to keep.

Create a Moving Kit

When you’re moving across state lines, it simply takes more time to get your things delivered to the new house. You’re going to need a place to stay while you wait for your furniture, but you also need to have everything on hand that you can’t live without. Your moving kit should include clothes, personal care items, medication, personal documents (birth certificates, driver’s license), flashlight, batteries, and any entertainment you might need. If you have kids, your list of necessities will probably be a lot longer.

Plan Ahead

To execute a successful long-distance move, planning is not optional. You must have the important dates, names, and phone numbers saved. If your belongings aren’t scheduled to arrive for several days after you get to the new home, you need to make alternative sleeping arrangements. Similarly, if you plan to start a new job, it’s important to pack the documentation and clothes you need to wear during that first week instead of packing them with the rest of your things on the moving van. If you have any questions about the process, your movers will explain it to you to ensure that everything happens according to the plan.

Double-Check Everything

If you’re leaving the city, you really must double-check everything. With a move across town, you can always go back to the old place and pick up forgotten items, including mail. With a long-distance move, that’s usually not an option. Therefore, it’s best to print out or write down a checklist long before your moving day arrives. The top of your list should include making sure nothing gets left behind, that your mail is forwarded to the new address, and that your utilities have been properly cancelled or disconnected.

Moving is already difficult enough without lifting heavy items. Our team at Professional Moving & Storage ensures that your belongings reach their final destination in great condition. That gives you plenty of time and peace of mind to take care of the scheduling details. We’ll even pack and unpack your things for you! Give us a call or use our contact form to get a quote for your move today!