5 Top Long Distance Moving Tips

Planning a long-distance move is different than moving across town. When you’re staying in the same area, it’s pretty easy to run back to the old place for something you’ve forgotten. If you’re leaving the city or state, that’s not an option. This type of move requires a lot more preparation, and you must hire the right moving company to set yourself up for success.

Pack Personal Belongings Separately
With a long-distance move, you need to pack differently. Instead of driving your belongings from your current home to your new home in an hour or two, it may take you several days or even weeks to get to your new home. Even if you and your family travel faster than the moving van, you have to be prepared to be without your things, at least for a little while.

Therefore, you should pack some of your personal belongings separately. In addition to packing clothing, personal care items, medications, and anything you need for work or school, you may want to pack favorite books or toys.

Don’t Pack Food or Liquids
When you move long distance, a truck is packed with all your belongings. To ensure that your items arrive safely and in good condition, you should refrain from packing foods, liquids, or potentially hazardous materials. If you want to put your things in long-term storage, you may even want to go through the hassle of taking the batteries out of every toy or gadget. Your moving company may have a more extensive list of what not to pack, and you should definitely discuss the details with them beforehand.

Label Every Box

When you move across town, the timeframe from packing your items to unpacking them isn’t very long. Therefore, you probably still remember which box has the coffee maker and where you stuck the printer. But when you move further away, it takes a lot longer until you see those boxes again. That’s when you’ll be happy that you labeled them.

Labeling every box makes even more sense if you organize your packing room by room. When the movers bring your things, it’ll be easy to tell them which boxes go where. Unpacking will be much easier if all your kitchen boxes don’t end up in the living room or guest bedroom, and you can better prioritize which boxes to unpack first when you know what’s in them.

Understand the Delivery Window
Long-distance movers have a delivery window, which you can find in your contract. Just because it takes you only 3 days to make the drive to your new home doesn’t mean you can expect your things to get there at the same time. Moving companies usually carry more than your stuff on their truck. They may take a different route because they have other delivery points along the way. Also, truck drivers must take frequent breaks to ensure they stay alert while you may be taking turns driving.

In any case, you should make your moving plans with the delivery window in mind. It could take a couple of weeks for your things to show up, and you don’t want to find out on day 3 that you didn’t bring any clothes to wear at your new job. You can always use a laundry mat to wash your clothes, but it’s more expensive and time-consuming to have to go shopping for things you forgot.

You should also think about your accommodations while your furniture arrives. It’s great that you found a new apartment or house to rent, but if you don’t have a bed to sleep on for the first two weeks, that could get really uncomfortable. It may be necessary to stay in a hotel room or furnished apartment until your moving van is scheduled to show up.

Prepare Yourself Emotionally

Moving across town is exciting, but it doesn’t usually include a change in careers or friends. When you’re moving out of the area, it’s a little different. While it’s easy to stay in touch with friends through email, phone, and social media, you’re going to have to make peace with the fact that you won’t see them in person as often. While you’ll certainly make new friends, it can take some time until you have made a home at the new place.

There’s no reason for you long-distance move to turn into a nightmare. We’ll take care of the move for you while you take care of changing your address and saying goodbye to your friends.