How to Prepare Now for Your Summer Move

organizing clothes for moveMoving season is coming fast, and getting prepared for that big move across the country now can pay off big when summer comes! Check out how a little effort made early means a more comfortable pace later with fewer financial mistakes. Yes, we even talk about what to do with that old oversized furniture you really wanted to leave behind in the two moves ago!

  • Two Words - Declutter and Organize!
    Whether you are selling your home or your landlord is coming to inspect it for the next tenant, you will want to be ready for strangers to visit with a discerning eye. That means getting up the stains on the carpet, dusting the blinds, cleaning behind the appliances, and, of course, removing all the excess stuff you have collected yet have no intention of using again. Most of us tend to push the "To Do" list off until the last minute. After all, it can feel like this massive project that is overwhelming. However, cleaning and removing the clutter before push time comes will be both a stress-reducer and a financial help with those moving expenses.

    Why is decluttering a financial help? The phrase "one man's junk is another man's treasure" is very true. While you may earn something back from selling those designer jeans in May, you run the risk of losing out on the extra cash when you wait until it is close to moving day to post them. So, starting the process of organizing your closet, chest-of-drawers, pantry, and media cabinet a couple of months before you plan to move can be fairly lucrative, not to mention a great way to feel proud of your home. 

  • Don't Just Sell It, Upcycle It!
    Hosting a yard sale, selling online or taking your items to a consignment shop are all great ways to get rid of the unwanted or unused items you have found around your home. Whichever method of selling the items you choose, spending some time making your old clothing or furniture into something creative and fresh will oftentimes pay off with a larger profit than selling used items as-is. 

    We know what many of you are thinking. "I don't have the crafty gene," you say. If this is your thought, you are in luck! Bloggers, YouTubers, and sites like Pinterest make it easier than ever before to turn the banged up and tossed out into some vintage yet upscale goods. Old bookcases and desks can become hip-looking benches that store book bags and shoes beside the door. Reupholster chairs, sand and paint your kitchen table, or create a light fixture from odds and ends you find without having to be an expert. Since you have started decluttering and cleaning early, you have time for these projects and more to put money into your pocket before moving day.

  • Beyond The Clutter
    With the chore of going through the unused items that you sold, repurposed or donated behind you, it is time to view your home as a prospective buyer would. Does your house look clean in all the nooks and crannies? Have you noticed any repairs that need addressing? Are all the electrical outlets and light bulbs working properly? Believe it or not, a burned-out light bulb can be costly because the inspector will likely have to require an electrician to check the lamp for more serious issues. So, replace burned-out light bulbs to show the inspector there are no electrical issues, and check for any signs of distress within your home that may give you a heads up on what the inspector will find. This will afford you the opportunity to make small repairs in advance of the move as well as set aside money for any expensive work that may be required.

  • Visit With Your Financial Planner
    A lot of people may skip this step when they are moving as the result of a promotion at work. Your lender may approve your loan, but a financial planner is different. He or she will address your cost-of-living shifts in the new location and how that may impact your savings goals for major expenses such as healthcare, college, and retirement.

  • Become An Expert Tour Guide
    One more thing you can do ahead of the move that will be very helpful to your overall moving experience is to explore your new area online. Instead of just looking for a house to rent or buy with a realtor when the time comes to hire a moving company, consider researching the area on your own using sites like Zillow,, and Redfin. will even show the crime rates in different neighborhoods in addition to local restaurants you may want to try. By using these sites and also learning about the location attractions and school districts, you can better describe the home you would like to find to your real estate agent.

Moving can be stressful, but taking these steps two or three months before the big day arrives will likely make it a more enjoyable and exciting experience for everyone involved. Plus, you might find you have a real knack for upcycling furniture or clothing in a way that could be a profitable side business. Regardless of how much income you earn with the organization process, tackling the clutter and repairs along with seeking financial planning advice and discovering more about your next place of residence in advance will likely save you plenty of time, money and frustration during the move. For more peace of mind when that moving day arrives, click on our website and read about how we can help make moving your belongings a smooth and easy process.