Reasons to Hire a Pro to Pack Your Belongings for a Big Move

A nice moving boxWhen it comes to packing, you may be torn between packing yourself or hiring a professional moving company to do it for you. Is it really worth the added cost? Here, we will explore some of the reasons an increasing number of people send in the pros to complete this necessary task.

The Convenience
The first reason people consider hiring a professional moving company to pack their household items before a move is the convenience factor. Let's face it. Time is our most valuable commodity. Packing can be a tedious and often frustrating job. At the very least, it is time-consuming. Glassware and fine china, for example, require careful individual wrapping in a grouping style that supports stability during tight turns in the back of the truck. When you think of all the items in each room of your home, the job can be overwhelming. After all, your daily schedule is probably stretched thin as it is. This is where the pros can reduce the stress from your shoulders by packing for you, which means you have more time and energy available to apply towards the things you need to do beyond moving-related tasks.

The Proper Method 
We all have our strengths and skills, but not everyone is a packing expert and enthusiast. Beyond your wine glasses and dinnerware, you have a myriad of awkward and breakable items to store properly or else you risk replacing those items when they arrive at the next home. For example, you may struggle with how to pack that amazing new giant flatscreen tv. What about your cherished Keurig coffee maker? It looks portable, but the different components come apart very easily. So, do you throw it all in a box of its own and hope it all survives in one piece without damage? Perhaps, you try to pack it with towels?

Never fear. Professional moving companies have successfully packed and transported many a beloved Keurig machines and equally awkward appliances, along with other hard-to-pack items like fragile stemware, over-sized electronics, musical instruments, and flower vases over the years. After all, it is always good to avoid having the challenge of facing your mother's wrath when you tell her Great-Grandma's antique vase broke in the move.

The Best Materials
Some belongings require special dividers to keep them from shifting while being carried or transported in the cargo space of the truck. There are also uniquely sized boxes for items such as electronics or artwork. Plus, don't forget the loads of padding required for a smooth and secure ride and the furniture wrap to prevent chips, scrapes, and dents. Even if you correctly assess the perfect style and number of needed boxes, wrap, blankets, and pads, you may find you have spent more time and money than hiring professionals to do the packing the proper way within one day's time.

The Freedom from Possible Injuries
Packing errors where items get damaged, money wasted on the wrong materials, and extra time spent wrapping individual items are great reasons to hire a professional moving company to pack and move your belongings. However, the most costly reason to hire the experts is the potential risk for a serious personal injury. Moving is stressful emotionally. But, if you are not properly trained to move heavy or cumbersome items, it can just as well take a large toll on your physical body and even cause an injury to one's back or knees. A lot of people recognize moving the boxes is part of that risk, though packing can sometimes be just as hazardous with certain items or item locations.

Why roll the dice? Let a professionally trained team go up the ladders and lift the oblong or heavy pieces for you. A hospital bill or on-going chiropractic care is considerably more expensive than hiring out for your packing needs. 

The Greater Peace of Mind
In addition to having the training and experience to pack your belongings with great care in an organized and stable manner without you being injured or your items being damaged, hiring a professional packing and moving team will also afford you more peace of mind with moving insurance. This ensures all your packed and transported valuables, including luxury vehicles and other items of high value, are covered should they incur any damage caused by the move. 

Therefore, before you spend any time searching for randomly sized boxes or trying to pull down heavy stored items from the attic, be sure to calculate the aforementioned advantages of hiring the pros into the bigger picture. We think you will agree that your time and effort are much better spent doing what you enjoy or taking care of those "Honey Do" list items that, unfortunately, no one else can do but you. The great news is by contacting us to get your packing quote today, you will already be able to check off a few of those items on your list that would normally take days to accomplish! Doesn't that feel great to draw a line through "packing", "moving" and "storing"? Give us that part of your chores, and let your stress melt away knowing your belongings are in the hands of the packing, moving and storing experts.