Staying Close to Loved Ones and Curbing the Homesickness after Moving Long Distance

video chatIn the "Land of Opportunity", moving long distances and living the dream of a fresh start in a location that offers a change of pace or scenery is easier than ever before. With advances in technology, Americans are now able to enjoy the freedom to choose where they want to live and work. However, the farther away we go from our loved ones and all that is familiar to us, the more homesick and detached we can feel. The great news is there are ways to stay in touch and feel included in your loved ones' lives, even from several states away.

  • Social Media
    Before you decide you are not going to "spill the tea" online about your life's events, remember you can post more public appropriate information and share impersonal yet funny things that make you laugh with not just one person, but all of your loved ones at once! Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram get a bad rap for the sharing of personal data and the fact that your friends and family members often post too many selfies while getting groceries or coffee. You may feel like your time is better spent calling them one-by-one. Sometimes, a nice long phone is in order for more personal matters. However, if you skip out on social media posting altogether, you may be missing a great way to stay connected with happenings back home.

  • Setting Aside Savings For Reunions
    Nothing beats seeing your loved ones in person. Starting a savings account for a trip to either visit your friends and family at their homes or find a new place to meet in the middle where you can all relax and have fun can be a fun way to get through any homesickness. Knowing you will soon see your loved ones again can be a powerful way to brighten up your day! True, this may be easier to say than to do. But, there are some small changes you can make when you start a vacation fund that can add up big over time. 

    For example, try storing your pocket change in a no-touch jar until it accrues enough to deposit. Instead of paying full price for purchases, use coupons and deposit the difference into your savings account. Look on Nerd Wallet for the best travel reward credit cards, and use that one card to get the most amount of miles and points for travel possible. Calculate how much you spend getting your morning coffee out, and then make your favorite coffee at home while depositing the amount difference. For more savings tips on how to grow a vacation fund, click here.

  • Care Packages Are The Best!
    Remember being homesick at camp when you were young, and that great warm fuzzy feeling you would get opening your handwritten letter or care package from home? Bring that warmth back into your relationships with your loved ones by organizing care package exchanges. Sure, this method of bonding is a bit more time-consuming and costs more to make and send, but the feeling you get opening that surprising package of beloved goodies that were made or bought just for you by someone who was thinking of you is priceless!

    Have a favorite bakery or local candy shop? Maybe you miss the smell of your childhood home because of the candles your mother would buy or the homemade pasta sauce she would spend days perfecting. To send back to your loved ones, think about all the unique shops, sights and smells you can share with them that they would appreciate. Personalizing is the key to making the care packages worth the extra effort. The more the package contents touch the recipient's heart, the brighter his or her day gets from receiving it!

  • Blogging And Vlogging - Journaling in 2019
    When you move to a new location where your friends and family cannot easily visit, keeping them informed about events in your life and how you are enjoying your new home can be made significantly more fun by creating a blog website or vlogging on a YouTube Channel. If you love to write, much like a hand-held journal, a blog site will enable you to describe funny events that happen along the way as you relocate and make startling discoveries. It can also help you to write your feelings about missing your friends and family. 

    Not much of a writer? No problem. Use your camera to record your new home, activities, thoughts on the location, and, of course, how you love your Professional Moving And Storage company! But, seriously, you can vlog about anything you think might be interesting to your friends and family. 

  • Video Chatting Has Come So Far!
    We still recall the days of frozen screens and long pauses when trying to Skype or use FaceTime. However, video chat has changed quite a bit to where the conversations are almost like being there with your loved ones. Plus, everyone can jump behind the camera to say "hello" or sing "Happy Birthday" at the same time. This technology alone is allowing people to remain in close visual contact with their loved ones while being free to follow their dreams in another part of the country. 

Whichever method or methods you choose to stay close to your friends and family when you move, remember there are many fabulous options with current technology. We can let them watch as our children take their first steps or we go out on our first dates. Moreover, we can reach out and physically touch them with personalized treats and trinkets in care packages. Although we do not know what the near future tech community will launch, we can assume it will only get easier to explore new locations while staying close to the ones we love. So, embrace the excitement and have fun getting to know your nation!