Stress Free Long Distance Holiday Moving Tips

little girl sitting in a box with Christmas decorations outMoving across the country can be stressful on its own, but moving over the holidays while trying to tackle gift shopping and family visits can feel overwhelming. Never fear! We have the advice you need for a stress-free long-distance move while enjoying the spirit of the season. Follow these tips to see how easy it can be to keep the holiday magic as you plan and embark on your journey to your new home.

Skip the Long Lines at Busy Stores
Whether your new job is located across the country or you are looking for a change in scenery, the decision to move is a time of celebration and great anticipation that pairs perfectly with the joyful holidays. Besides, you have already begun saving money and time by hiring professional movers at off-season rates, which is definitely worthy of humming a few bars of "Deck the Halls"! What does not go well with the holiday spirit is waiting in long exhausting lines at stores when you need to be home packing. Thankfully, with online shopping, you can pay the lowest price for everything you plan to buy from holiday gifts to packing supplies without stepping outside your door! True, it loses some luster not being able to shop store-to-store, but just think of all that time and money you can keep in your pocket for moving expenses. Moreover, shipping is often free and gift wrapping is available for many online stores.

If in Doubt, Ship it!
Speaking of shipping, there are times when shipping your belongings to your new home may prove advantageous. Of course, some things like furniture, breakables, electronics, and priceless heirlooms should be carefully wrapped individually and brought to your new home by people who know all the best packing and transporting practices because its what they do each day. However, for linens and basic toiletry items, shipping them to your new home may be the most efficient way to ensure they arrive when you need them, especially when the weather is not cooperating and you are not certain the moving trucks will arrive on time. Just leave some room for the carrier to be a couple of days behind on deliveries.

Decorate Ahead of Time
Keep the kids occupied as you pack by encouraging them to create small holiday decorations for the new home. Young children can color printed outlined pictures or use glue dots to place felt cutout outfits onto ornaments. Older children can make snow globes, photo ornaments, or chunky yarn-wrapped snowmen. This way, you can have meaningful season decorations right away without having to wait for all the boxes to be unpacked. Also, ask your movers about their packing and unpacking services to save more time to spend soaking in the decorating fun.

Tips to Warm the Heart and Add the Laughter
If you find your moving chores to be a downer for the family, try adding some holiday music and play a movie like "White Christmas", "Home Alone", or "Arthur Christmas" in the background. Don't forget to plan some breaks to visit with friends and family or volunteer in your community. With your professional moving packing services, you can squeeze in all the social events you cherish each year without skipping a beat.

Create a Little Holiday Magic
For families, it is helpful to focus the kids' attention on the excitement because a long-distance move can be a challenging transition when leaving friends and family behind. Therefore, let them be the stars in their own movie production or photo book where they showcase all their favorite people, places, and things they will miss when they get to the new home. This way, they always have a window to look back as they move forward to make new friends and find things they love about their area to share with their friends and family via social media platforms or video chat. 

Thus, while moving across the country over the holidays can seem like a daunting task, it actually can be a thrilling time full of wonder and awe. From gift buying to visiting with those you love, you won't have to miss a moment. Planning ahead, buying online, and, if possible, taking advantage of the off-season rates to hire a professional moving crew that will take care of packing, unpacking, furniture wrapping, storage, and all other moving-related needs so you can focus on what matters most. Contact our professional moving team using this online form to see how easy it is to get back to celebrating the season and your next great adventure today!