The Cheapest Ways to Move Long Distance Over the Holidays

A woman wearing deer antlers packs for a holiday moveLong-distance moves can represent the start of an exciting journey as you explore a new state with its unique terrain, local customs, cultural vibe, popular activities, and climate differences. However, you may feel a little less enthusiastic about paying for the move, especially around the holidays when you are saving up for celebrations with friends and family. Read on to learn five cost-saving strategies that can add the holiday magic back into your life as you move across the country.

Slow Season Fees
Great news! You are already on the right path to taking advantage of the first cost-saving strategy! Spring and summer claim about 70% of the annual moves. Therefore, during the "slow season" for the housing market, such as October through March, you will typically find the best prices on your next home and get the best rates from your moving company. Plus, if you can offer flexible dates and move in the middle of the week, you will save even more.

One note you may want to keep in mind, weather-related delays are famous for snow and ice challenges in some parts of the country over the holidays. Therefore, be prepared to spend a night or two at a hotel when the roads and airports close by packing a bag for each family member that can hold enough clothing and personal items to be comfortable for a few days. Although this adds to the expense of the journey, you still will likely be saving overall between the cost of your new home and your moving company's fall and winter pricing.

Company Assistance
Are you moving for work-related purposes? If so, it never hurts to ask your employer for help covering the moving cost. Even if you are not moving for your work or your company does not have a budget for moving support, it may be able to offer discounts for moving-related expenses. To name a few, you may be able to score discounts on packing supplies, home office purchases, and appliances. Check with your human resources department to learn more about what your employer can do to reduce the cost of your move.

Embrace the Open Road
The holidays are the most expensive time to fly, and you run the risk of the plane being grounded when there are icy conditions. If you have the time and you do not mind putting miles on your car, moving long-distances provides an excellent opportunity to take in the sights of the different states in this great nation during your long-distance road trip. This is also a wonderful time to plan small detours for catching up with friends and family members living in other states. After all, the holidays are all about spending time with loved ones.

Bring Your Belongings Along
For those wishing to pursue the driving route, there may be some cost savings in a DIY move by renting a truck or trailer. With a little luck, you could find cheap gently used boxes on sites like craigslist or at local grocery and warehouse stores. This style of move works best for people with some moving experience who have lots of time to plan ahead, use proper packing techniques, and hire hourly movers to assist with heavier items. 

Hire the Pros
If you are concerned about your fragile items being damaged during transport or the idea of being out of work due to an injured back keeps you up at night, hiring a professional crew to handle all the packing and transport details of your move may not be as expensive as you think. In addition to carrying insurance that saves you the expense of replacing damaged furniture or broken valuables, professional moving companies know the best packing practices to avoid such frustrations. Moreover, hiring out means no more worrying about how to pay medical bills should there be an accident while lifting the furniture or an awkward box. Therefore, since the holidays often bring the gift of the best moving rates of the year, it pays to compare hiring your professional moving company with the cost of moving yourself plus possibly replacing your belongings or receiving treatment for an injury.

In the end, the best way to save money is really already underway by moving during the fall and winter season. Staying flexible with your dates and times will go a long way in terms of reducing both stress and costs. Before you make any plans or purchases, be sure to ask your employer for any assistance or discounts. Keep in mind driving yourself is a great way to see parts of the country and family members you may not be able to visit normally while saving you money in your travel budget. Experienced movers may want to cut costs further by packing themselves and renting a truck or trailer. However, for those new to moving or those not willing to gamble on their belongings or risk injury, contact our professional moving team at 1(844) 914-6683 to find out how much you save by trusting your long-distance holiday move with us!